Induction [Lv Diary]

This diary does not begins exactly at the beginning of this trip, but rather 5 months after my entry into this great family that is Louis Vuitton (LV). I could start sharing with you that this great adventure began in December 2016. This special month in which I was invited to join the team as reinforcement and coverage of Christmas madness in LV. The deadline was 1 month only. But let’s say I got a delicious Christmas present and was invated to stay a few more months. Months adding up and compliting my current state, 1 year and 6 months next to this one that I call family.

But as I told you, this diary begins in May 2017. So to speak, when everything has become real and exponential for me! My first trip with LV. The destination was Madrid. The purpose of the trip was to give me the official welcome home, Louis Vuitton Home. We call to this warm welcome, induction. In short words it is an initiation, transmission of knowledge, values, and exploration session of dreams. These new or same dreams that I have been activating and have been living and conquering throughout my journey.

So today I invite you to embark on this bautiful journey and follow my LV Diary. We will meet in the next chapter.

‘A gift that money can not buy’

Oli de Oliveira

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