Les Parfumes ~ Grasse [LV Diary]

The journey continues, and after Madrid, the next stop was the South of France, the perfume capital – Grasse. One more proof surpassed with fruits that money does not pay. It was with great effort and dedication that I achieved a position in the Top 50 of the best perfumes performances in the EMEA region. A feat I could not have achieved without the support of my team the one I called family. The reward of this feat will be engraved in my memory with notes of Jasmine of Grasse, Tuberose and May Roses. In addition to having a private visit to ‘Les Fontaines Parfumées’, I had the opportunity to create my own fragrance with the help of the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier. This same master perfumer is responsible for the creation of all Louis Vuitton perfumes. It was a great honor to have lived this unique experience of not only deepening my knowledge of what is alchemy of producing perfume, but also appreciating all past legacies from generation to generation. For this is one of the grand values ​​of Louis Vuitton (LV). The heritage of knowledge and savoir faire that transports and updates the past to the present. But it is with dreams that the future is made, and that is exactly what has been achieved. The dream of knowing, seeing and living more of LV universe. This trip also passed through the fields where these special flowers are planted and exclusively harvested for the production of LV perfumes. The weather and the land make Grasse a unique place in the world for the production of flowers with unique scents. Between activities, discovery of the city of Grasse and many smells, these three days were made short and the return was inevitable, but good! Well, the Oli who went it was not the same Oli who came back. Be continued in the next chapter …

Oli de Oliveira

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