Place Vendôme Opening [Lv Diary]

The journey continues and the next invitation came in the month of the opening of the new store in the heart of Paris, the Place Vendôme store. It was the month (October 2017) when I first visited Paris, where I accepted the invitation to stay for two weeks to support this new four-story store and to deepen my roots, knowledge and experience in LV. I will never forget this chapter in my life. Not only for discovering new things from the Louis Vuitton world, but also for the friendships I have made and for finally getting to know Paris face-to-face. For those who know me in the first person, know that I always had a great illusion in knowing Paris. The question was not a lack of opportunities to visit this emblematic capital, but rather the whole illusion I created around my first visit to Paris. I dreamed and wanted to be in style, that the city knew I was there, I wanted to have the best of Paris and that she felt that I was consuming her light by sharing part of mine. It could not have been better! Seeing the light of so many stars and sounding names, receiving in this new names of weight in the most varied industries, made me feel that illusion was no longer just an illusion to be a real dream come true. Waiting for more of these to come! The journey continues …

Hardsaid hand painting

Oli de Oliveira

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