Salut Paris!

We finally meet in the first person! The expectation was very high and the dream was great. As I shared with you in this post [HERE], it was not because of a lack of opportunities, but the illusion I created around my first time in Paris was so colossal that all these opportunities stayed in wait until the day became the day indeed. This illusion of knowing and making myself known to Paris became real. The reality is that everything was even more exponential and lived than this illusion created by me. The beauty that manifests in every corner, in every street. An aura of sophistication and modernism linked to history and imperial classicism that is reflected between people and the facade. There is a light that manifests itself in everything and is reflected sublimely in the eyes of the beholder. I can say that this long-awaited day has come in good time! Not only because of the reason I was taken to Paris (to open the new Louis Vuitton store in the heart of Place Vendôme), not only because of the wonderful experience of living for two weeks in the heart of Paris, but for doing all this hand in hand with the person I love. This post not only celebrates and documents this happy memory of my first time in Paris, but also will be an eternal archive of memories lived in the city of Light. The truth is that I can not wait to consume again its light and to return to share part of mine with her.

Oli de Oliveira

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