São Miguel ~ Açores

Azores! A natural paradise at 2h25min from Lisbon. St. Michael is a place to connect with the most natural and human side within us. The green that swallows us, the moist breeze of sea always arround and the thermal baths that warm us, makes of St. Miguel the perfect place to fall in love or in my case to fall in love again with the person I love. Long days of pure pleasure and enjoyment. Knowing this little corner planted in the middle of the Atlantic was one of the sweetest delicacies I had in 2017. From the typical Portuguese stew made in the furnas, the limpets that leave water in my mouth just by thinking about them and the passion fruit kima that is easily slid through throat. I may say that the belly has always been well covered with pleasant things. What can one ask for more than being in great company, eating really well, seeing and doing interesting things without the stress of having time counted or having tourists and more tourists queuing for everywhere. Yes because places and things to do are not lacking in São Miguel. From the romantic and adventurous escapades through the lagoons and deserted hills, or to the mountaineers of terma in terma you will always have something to do. Mandatory visit in Caldeira Velha, Salto do Prego, Terra Nostra Park, Ilhéu de Vila Franca and Cozido das Furnas. I think I’ve already given you more than enough reasons to visit Sao Miguel. I’m already thinking about coming back very very soon.

Oli de Oliveira

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