Forbidden Colors – Barnaby Roper


In the world of dance few names resonate as deeply as Kazuo Ohno; the founder of Butoh revolutionized dance in and out of Japan by pushing artistic boundaries throughout his expansive career. With his precise movements and dramatic full-body makeup, Ohno’s distinctive visual signatures have also been a source of inspiration within the world of fashion. Image maker Barnaby Roper looks to Ohno in this inventive original beauty story for starring Chiharu Okunugi. With makeup artist Mariel Barrera, hair stylist Esther Langham and stylist Keegan Singh recreating Ohno’s stark look as Chiharu poses up a storm, the inventive story truly captures the spirit and feel of one of the true masters of movement.

Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds1Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds3 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds4 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds5 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds6 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds7 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds8 Forbidden-Colors-oliworlds9
by Barnaby Roper (Cadence NYModel Chiharu Okunugi @ NY Model Management Styling by Keegan Singh (New York: Streeters New York, Los Angeles: Streeters Los AngelesHair by Esther Langham Makeup by Mariel Barrera using Chanel Manicure by Holly Falcone using Tom Ford Beauty Producer Brie Walsh @ Cadence NY Intro by Janelle Okwodu Layout by Stephan Moskovic
Shot at Fast Ashley’s studio in Brooklyn

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